Music One - 2001-2017

On Monday July 24, 2017 Music One closed down potentially for good. 

With rising costs and declining revenue Music One has been a self funded venture for a number of years. Since 2001 online listening habits have dramatically changed and with no viable business model and a looming hike in licensing costs it was time to call it a day. 

Thank you for being part of what was an incredibly fulfilling project over the past 16 years. And thank you for all your words of encouragement and support. Without it, I would not have continued the station for so long. Music One was the soundtrack to so many of your lives, thank you for allowing me to share my own personal musical journey with you.

Music One celebrated many "firsts" and achievements during it's lifespan. It was the first radio station ever to broadcast the New York City Gay Pride Pier dance, New Jersey's Sandblast Beach Party and the now legendary Griffin Sunday's. 

It has been one hell of an amazing ride. 

Who knows what the future holds for the station. I'm leaving the infrastructure mostly intact so it's possible to revive again in the future. But that future at present is very much unknown. 

For those feeling nostalgic, our mixcloud page remains. Jules and I had so much fun putting together the shows, I hope you enjoyed them just as much.

With a heavy heart, gratitude and thanks. 

Richard Cowell 
Founder - Music One Radio

For more information, I can always be reached at my first name at musicone dot fm.