Music One needs your help
Jan 17th 2016, 11:16 by Rich

Music One needs your help

Unfortunately we're saddened to report that Music One will need to go off-air soon without your help.

Back in December the US Copyright Royalty Board announced a huge hike in music royalties stations like Music One are required to pay by law.

To put it simply, the new rates are going to cripple us and will cause us to go off-air in the next few weeks.

According to current estimates by our royalty agency our music royalty bills are going to increase 10 fold costing us well over USD $2,000 a month.

That, combined with the cost of web and streaming servers means we抮e not going to be able to star on-air much longer without your help.

The royalty structure requires us to pay per song, per listener, per hour. Essentially it costs us about 20 cents per hour per listener for the royalties alone.

If you love Music One and want to help keep the station on-air, please consider making a donation using the links below.

Any amount you donate is greatly appreciated.


Richard Cowell & Crown Jules

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